Due to the Clay Pigeon Kart Club's Super 1 Round we can announce 3 practice days for Bambino Karts. They are as follows Sat March 18th, Sat April 1st and Sat May 6th. Bambinos will have 1 x 8 min session per hour and the cost for practice will be £25 per driver. These are the only practice days available for Bambinos this year and we would be grateful if bambinos wishing to practice onthese dates register there details with us on 01935 83713 or info@claypigeonraceway.com for us to be able to sort adequate staffing for the running of practice.



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Clay Pigeon Raceway is one of the UK's leading Kart Circuits, set in the Dorset Countryside, a short drive from Dorchester and Yeovil, and the place where it all began for Jenson Button.

We are a professional kart racing centre, and home to a high quality 815m circuit. Here at Clay Pigeon we regulary host British and National Championship race meetings and we are home to the award winning Clay Pigeon Kart Club.

This is the perfect enviroment to experience the thrill of karting with our Hire Karts, enjoy an organised race with your mates or work collegues,practice with your own equipment and race with the Clay Pigeon Kart Club and who knows we can be a launch pad for a career in Motorsport, Just ask Jenson!!!







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"Without Dad I probably would never have got into motorsport, He was the one who got me my first kart, and the one who took me to Clay Pigeon Raceway when I demanded to have a go at a place where I could really open it up. Through those early years he was the one standing out there in the rain while I was in the track having all the fun, he was the one paying for it, he was the one who gave me the space in which to develop and the encouragement when things were rough, who helped to focus my energies when I decided that F1 was where I wanted to be. He never laughed at me when I said that, even though I was only a child. He did everything he could to help set me on the course that brought me to BMW Williams in 2000. There were times when we ran out of money, but he never told me, never made me feel guilty for the expense he was put to or the sacrifices he had to make in his own life. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about him is that he was never a typical karting Dad!"